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Natural Slate

Considered as one of the world’s finest building materials, it is a natural product that can deflect the most extreme weather conditions when installed correctly.

The preparation of natural slates is the key to a perfectly installed roof, from the process of grading the slates, to the calculations of having the sufficient coverage depending on the degree of the roof. Fixing methods also play a key part of the process.

The majority of slate roofs replaced are due to the incorrect fixings, that will fail/weather before the slate.

Poor ventilation is also a big problem, allowing slates to weather from condensation problems. As a company responding to many head baffling problems we have witnessed the effects of poor ventilation.

Fortunately with todays new methods and our experience we able to insure the correct ventilation needed to prevent these problems, and insure your slate roof is installed correctly.

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The choice of Roof Tiles these days is quite extensive they range from man made/machine made Clay to Concrete, they come in many sizes from small to large and there are also interlocking plain tiles.

There are also a few different fixing practices, the more traditional fixing is a Mortar bedding however we can also install vented mechanically fixed systems.

What ever your requirements may be we can accommodate.